Blink adds an affordable wireless video doorbell to their line up

blink doorbell

Today, Blink who make the popular Blink wireless home security camera system which I’ve reviewed and continue to use is announcing the addition of the new battery-powered Blink Video Doorbell to their selection of smart home products.

The weatherproof Blink Video Doorbell features HD video alerts, motion-detection, live streaming video with 2-way audio, and infrared night vision.

Anyone can install this video doorbell because it doesn’t require special wiring or an existing wired doorbell. It’s is powered by 2 AA lithium-ion batteries that will last for up to 2 years!

“While other companies try to wow early-adopters with tech and unnecessary features, at Blink we are disrupting the smart home industry through a zealous focus on simple products that provide huge value at an unmatchable price,” said Peter Besen, CEO of Blink. “We’ve taken our award-winning experience from our security cameras and applied it to the doorbell. We feel this has resulted in the absolute easiest to install, full-featured video doorbell on the market today. Combined with our existing wire-free cameras, consumers will have peace of mind that their entire home is safe when they are away.”

Unlike many other video doorbells on the market, the Blink Video Doorbell won’t lock you into a monthly service plan.

If you already own other Blink home security products, you can add the video doorbell for just $99. New Blink customers can purchase a stand-alone system consisting of a Blink Video Doorbell and a Blink Sync Module for $129. Pre-orders will be available soon at the

9 thoughts on “Blink adds an affordable wireless video doorbell to their line up”

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  2. Interesting – I’d like to use it, but the problem could be that, unlike me, my retired wife doesn’t carry her phone around with her when at home. So unless this also rings her phone like an incoming call or a regular doorbell she wouldn’t know about any callers.

  3. I love my Blink cameras (3 indoor) and am definitely interested in this door bell. But just as with the cameras (I have on installed outside on my front porch to let me know when packages arrive) I’d be worried that someone would just walk off with them! For the camera, my workaround was to just put it out of easy reach – but I obviously wouldn’t be able to do that with a door bell. So if this thing uses adhesive or slides onto a plastic piece that’s screwed into the wall, it can too easily be stolen.

    I also had the same question as another poster: how does it let me know someone’s at the door? If the $129 includes an indoor chime, good. If that’s a separate $50 purchase (like the panic siren add-on for the cameras), it’s starting to be a bit too expensive for a door bell (unless the panic siren can double as a door chime?)

      1. On their web site a Chime is listed as a separate add-on (no $ amount listed yet). But to its credit, Blink actually also lets you connect their doorbell to the existing wiring so it can use the existing door chime. Here’s the relevant quote from the FAQ:
        “YES! Almost all existing home doorbell wiring will be able to connect to the doorbell through the simple connection of 2 wires to the back of the doorbell unit. This way, it will be able to ring your existing chime when the button is pressed. ”

        So I change my opinion: it’s ok that it’s not bundled.

  4. Great news about wireless video doorbell. But I want to know about it’s charging system. Could you tell me about this topic ? Thanks in advanced.

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