Blackboard is the newest Boogie Board LCP digital writing tablet

boogieboard blackboard

Fans of the original Boogie Board ewriter tablets will be excited to learn about the new Blackboard LCP (Liquid Crystal Paper) tablet from Boogie Board that gives pen on paper feel without pen or ink. The Blackboard ewriter is larger previous Boogie Boards and features a semi-transparent writing surface that allows you to use templates with grids and lines, or even trace drawings. It also has a clear screen button and the ability to erase smaller areas with an “eraser”.

The Blackboard writing tablet has an 8.5 x 11 inch writing surface and runs on a replaceable CR2032 button cell battery that lasts up to 5 years! That means you will never need to worry about keeping it charged.

The Blackboard is available now for $45 from and from Amazon for slightly less.

5 thoughts on “Blackboard is the newest Boogie Board LCP digital writing tablet”

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  2. I purchased it a few weeks ago. Not as impressed as the original Boogie Board. It’s not as “transparent” as you think and the writing isn’t “bright” enough. Definitely need those black templates in the back which defeats the purpose of it. Also the “latch” that holds the paper isn’t big enough to hold the 2 templates that it comes with so you have to find a place to store the template. Won’t recommend it.

  3. But you have to take a picture of every page you write?
    Would I ask a customer giving me their specifications to hold on while I rip out my phone, open the Blackboard app, take a picture of the screen then erase my page before they can continue?
    Talk about derailing a train of thought!!!
    I wish it could just buffer about five pages then sync them to my phone via bluetooth or some such.
    And also, is the battery rechargeable or does it have to be replaced after five years?

  4. I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago at my local OfficeMax for about $20 less than list price. It works well for my intended use – mounted outside my office cube where I scrawl my out of office messages. My coworkers also have fun drawing on it.

    Yes, the templates don’t attach well, but a couple pieces of tape solved that problem. The ability to erase portions of the screen is useless, in my opinion. All I’ve been able to manage is “eraser marks”, not anywhere near true erasure.

    Still, there are uses. We have a Boogie Board at home that’s useful for leaving messages for each other like “Bug guy is coming tomorrow”. I like to think we’re saving a few scraps of paper from the landfill/recycling center by using it.

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