My mouse pad can beat up your mouse pad

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Serious PC gamers are a discerning group of users. To give them an edge over their competition, they look for the best equipment like the fastest rig (computer), largest monitor, great speakers, headsets, programmable keyboards, and mice. Speaking of mice, even mouse pads are an accessory to consider for gamers. Does it provide enough traction and speed? And is it big enough? 

Antlion can answer that last question. No, your mouse pad isn’t big enough because it’s not 3 foot x 1 foot like the Pro Gaming Über-Wide Mousepad from Antlion. This cloth mouse pad is large enough for your keyboard to sit on top of it for a seamless mousing experience. Even the edges of this gigantic pad are sewn to prevent fraying and with a price tag of only $20, you’ll still have cash left over to buy a new game. Head over to Antlion for all the details and Amazon to order.

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