Burn more calories wurfing in front of your standing desk

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wurfboard 1

Standing desks have obvious benefits. They promote standing to do your daily office work instead of sitting in front of your computer all day. I’ve tried a couple standing desks and like them just fine for a few days, but then I either get bored standing or my feet and knees begin hurting. The Wurf Board has been designed to solve these issues.

The Wurf Board is an anti-fatigue mat that has been designed for people who use standing desks. The Wurf Board is a fully adjustable air spring platform that you control from springy to firm.

wurfboard 2

When you stand on the platform, you’re compelled to make lots of micromovements that help with your circulation, standing comfort, and according to the people who make the Wurf, you’ll be burning 32% more calories than you do when you’re just standing stationary behind a desk.

Wurf Boards come in different sizes to match your weight and shoe size. They are priced from $199 to $299. You can find out more by visiting wurf.com and Amazon. We’ll be reviewing the Wurf Board in the coming weeks.

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