Would you pay $12 for a toothbrush that has $5 replaceable heads?

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Toothbrushes are one of those things we all use several times a day (I hope!) but don’t really give a lot of thought. If you’re like me, you buy a new one a few times a year from Walmart or Walgreens for a few bucks. But would you buy a toothbrush that costs $12 and uses $5 replaceable heads that you have to order online?

The Boie toothbrush comes in four colors and features a unique handle design and a replaceable bristle head that uses BPA and Phthalate-free rubber-like bristles that have been designed to last up to two times longer than the toothbrushes we find at our local big box store.

These toothbrushes also have silver embedded in the bristles and head that help kill bacteria.

What do you think? Are those extra features worth the extra price? For more info on the Boie toothbrush visit boieusa.com and Amazon to order one.

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  2. I don’t want to influence your unbiased review, but let me know if you want to compare notes or anything on it. I’ve gone through two refill cycles with them, so can speak a little to that.

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