Lopifit is a treadmill on two wheels

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When I was a kid, I loved riding my Schwinn bicycle up and down the rural roads where I lived. When I became an adult, I traded my bike for a car. I bought a new bike about 10 years ago with the hopes I’d get back into riding but after only one outing, the bike has been in the garage gathering dust. Bad knees and uncomfortable seats have been my excuse. When I recently saw the Lopifit bicycle linked on a friend’s Facebook page, I thought it was a genius idea.

At first glance, Lopifit bikes look like a regular bicycle. They have two wheels and a set of handlebars. But that’s where the similarities end. Look closer at the image above and you’ll notice that there’s no seat or pedals. In their place is a flat treadmill surface that you walk on. As you do, the built-in battery propels the bike up to speeds 4 to 17 MPH. I bet the sensation of riding a Lopifit bike is like walking on the people-movers at the airport, only more fun because you determine the destination.

Lopifit electric walking bikes look like it could be a lot of fun. The price, on the other hand, is pretty ouchy at $2495 per bike. On the bright side, you can get one in ANY color you like for an extra $255. Want to know more? Head over to www.lopifitus.com for all the details.

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  2. So you didn’t tell us if you bought one or not? Look at my Facebook page “dr.strangebile” to see all the weird bikes I ride. They keep me healthy and each bike works with different muscle groups.

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