Did you know that there’s a Fisher Space Pen for your backpack?

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Fisher Space Pens haven’t been on my radar for awhile, but I happened to see an image of one on Pinterest the other day that reminded me of an updated version of the Inka Pen that I reviewed over 10 years ago. So I clicked over to the Fisher Space Pen site and was greeted by a variety of pen that I didn’t know they carried, including the Backpacker Pen.

The Fisher Space Pen Backpacker pen has an anodized aluminum shell that is available in five colors including the blue version that you see above.

fisher backpacker 2

It features a two-piece design that keeps the pen relatively compact at 3.92 inches when it’s closed and 5.41 inches when it’s open. There’s also a keyring attached to the cap so you can easily attach it to a carabiner.

The Backpacker Pen uses Fisher’s pressurized ink cartridges that are known to allow writing in almost any temperature and angle.

What is your favorite pocket pen? I’m on the hunt for a new one but am too picky because everything I try feels inferior to the Big Idea Design Ti Arto that’s my current favorite desk pen. I’m such a fan of Pilot G2 refills, that most other pens make me feel like I’m writing with sludge.

The Fisher Space Pen Backpacker pens are $20 each when purchased directly from the Fisher Space Pen site, but you can get them for slightly less through Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Did you know that there’s a Fisher Space Pen for your backpack?”

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  2. I had this pen and loved it… until I got home one day and found that it had unscrewed at the center, leaving me with just a pen cap hanging on my keychain.

  3. I prefer the Fisher “Trekker Pen” to the backpacker version you have listed here. The cap is much shorter and doesn’t post on the back of the pen (so you don’t get the extra length) but the pen does snap into the cap very securely and stays put. It has a nice rubberized grip, and I keep it on my keyring in my pocket and use it almost daily whenever I’m out and about and think, “Oh crap, I need a pen right now”.

    It is definitely not something to use for longer writing sessions – for that, I go with my Grafton pen from Everyman (https://everyman.co/products/grafton-pen). Not only does that have a better ink cartridge (can use G2 refills) that flows better on a page, but it is an attractive full-length pen that I can feel comfortable using for any length of time (and also doesn’t make me look like a kindergartner coloring with crayons.)

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