Free the natural beauty of your iPhone with Utomic Edge

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I don’t know about you, but I struggle with putting a bulky case on my beloved iPhone because she’s just too beautiful to keep covered up.  To me it would be like putting on a fresh face full of makeup, then putting a bag over your head when you leave the house. What’s the point of having such a masterpiece, when it’s only covered up to protect the very beauty that is never even seen? Enter the Utomic Edge.  

This minimalist corner protection system, made in the USA, uses four individual corner pieces that employ impact dissipating technology to give your phone ultimate protection while letting the true beauty of the phone shine.  I like the idea of being able to connect my charger without having to take off a case, or having a case interfere with the sound of the phone’s speakers.

Upon visiting the Utomic website for the first time, they ask for your email and you are then awarded a coupon code which drops the price of the Edge to $29.75 from $34.99, but it still seems a bit pricey to me.  However, I guess when you figure in the cost of buying a new phone because you didn’t have the proper protection it’s really not that bad.

7 thoughts on “Free the natural beauty of your iPhone with Utomic Edge”

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  2. I saw this product 2 years ago (I think they went through a name change?) and, because I think like you, seriously thought about getting one. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $30 on what is essentially 4 tiny pieces of plastic. Instead, I decided to go ‘naked’ – my only protection is the CardNinja wallet affixed to the back and the credit/id cards therein 🙂

    Maybe when the iPhone 8 comes around, it’ll be worth it.

    1. I was pretty impressed by the 6 foot drop test they showed on their website, but I’m struggling with that price too. When you think about it though, if it’s a big cumbersome case and it’s 30 dollars, or just four tiny corners for 30 dollars but both offer the same protection, why balk at the price? Argh, I’m just trying to justify why I “need” it!

      1. I still have the iPhone 6 (first time I waited more than 2 years to upgrade), so I didn’t mind not putting anything on it for protection. Another reason I decided to pass on the Utomics is that the way I hold my phone, those corners would get in the way (the bottom of the phone rests on my pinky).

        On a complete tangent: I never had to rest my phone on the pinky until Apple introduced the 4.7″ phones – that’s now the only way I can still have a secure grip and still reach the “back” virtual button Apple so thoughtlessly puts in the top-left corner! (Yes, I know about the presses that bring down half the screen – too ornery). Recently, my pinky has started developing arthritic symptoms 🙁 If Apple ever puts their latest tech into their 4″ phones, I’ll go back – smaller print be damned!

    2. I keep asking if there is a case to be used WITH the edges and NO ONE WILL FREAKIN RESPOND. It’s called respect guys. Just answer the dang question.

      1. Come on – don’t be ridiculous! Nobody owes you a personal response when you don’t ask
        someone personally! Has nothing to do with respect! Grow up. Have you considered the possibility that silence *might* be your answer? That people just aren’t aware of cases that accommodate Utomic Edge? Have you bothered looking at Utomic’s web site? Last time I looked, they themselves were selling a case that worked with their Edges.

  3. Thanks so much for the review Leslie. We can understand the hesitation. What you’re getting with your Edge purchase is years of engineering and design to develop something extraordinarily minimalist that provides REAL drop protection. EDGEs are not made out of a cheap plastic like other cases. We use a nearly indestructible resin composite called FlexCore that self-heals after impact. Learn more about FlexCore and how EDGE works –

    All purchases also come with a one year warranty so if you have any issues we will replace for free. In fact, if you purchase the Utomic EDGE Plus+ which comes with a set of EDGE protectors and a GLASS screen protector, you get a warranty that covers the repair of your phone screen up to $150. That is how confident we are that our products will protect your phone.

    You also get our best in class, 24/7 customer service. All purchases come with a 45-day return policy so you can try risk free.

    You can either save some money and get a cheap case or you can invest in the very best minimalist phone protection that let’s you enjoy your phone again.

    Don’t believe us, go to our Facebook page and see Visitor post or check out our Shopper Approved 31K+ reviews –

    We hope everyone decides to free their phone from cases with Utomic!

  4. I see that I commented on this article way back in 2017. In 2018 I got an iPhone X and did buy the Edge protectors. They’re awesome. I don’t typically drop my phone, but it happened twice so far – once in the garage onto concrete and once onto a road – left the phone on top of my car and when I made the first turn, it was tossed onto the road. In both cases, the phone survived with not even a scratch! But I will give some credit to the Ninja wallet attached to the back of the phone. That probably took some of the brunt. But still…

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