FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk review

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Standing desks have been gaining in popularity for years since various studies were released warning of the dangers of prolonged sitting. There are now tons of standing desk options to fit every type of home or office environment. The FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk is a great, affordable choice for people who have an existing standard desk that they would like to use as a standing desk. The Flexispot desk is constructed of fiberboard and steel and once assembled is very sturdy and balanced. This particular model comes with an optional keyboard platform and is designed to be used in a regular or corner desk configuration.

The Flexispot desk comes delivered in a rather large box that weighs about 53lbs. Make sure you have help when lifting it.

It is very difficult to lift the desk out of the box from the top. The best way to extract the desk is to lay the box flat, cut open the sides, and open the box by lifting the front cardboard flap up.

The desk comes partially assembled. All that is required is to attach the optional keyboard platform and two protective caps that go over the main cross joints.

The included protective caps snap easily over the left and right cross joints.

Flexispot includes four cord organizers to route cords out of the way of hinges and joints. There is also a provided bolt for an ergonomic monitor mount which is sold separately.

The Flexispot desk can be used with or without the included keyboard platform. Assembling the keyboard platform is very simple. The two keyboard brackets fit perfectly into two indentations on the underside of the main platform.

The only tool required for assembly is a standard Phillips screwdriver. Learn from my mistakes and be sure to consult the instructions first because the brackets can fit on to the platform upside down. Once configured correctly, the keyboard platform brackets attach securely with eight wood screws. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws though, because it is very easy to strip right through the fiberboard.

The assembled keyboard platform then hooks in under the main workspace. The platform is secured in place by left and right pre-installed knobs. Simply loosen the knobs, hook the platform into place and then hand-tighten the knobs.

You’re not required to secure the Flexispot desk to your existing desk in anyway, it just sits on top of it. Once in place it’s very easy to adjust the height of the Flexispot desk. There are adjustment levers conveniently placed on either side of the main platform. Squeeze these levers simultaneously while holding on to the sides of the platform and you can lift or lower the desk into any height you like. Flexispot indicates that there are 12 adjustment levels, but I didn’t find that the desk “clicked” or settled into any particular spots.

The Flexispot has a “gas spring hovering system” which allows you to adjust the desk smoothly when fully loaded. Keep in mind that the workspace and spring system have a maximum indicated weight limit of 33lbs.

The Flexispot desk can adjust from low height of 5.9″ to a high setting of 19.7″. Whereas some similar standing desks extend out as well as up, the Flexispot desk moves straight up and down within its own footprint.

We use the Flexispot desk for our PC Virtual Reality/Edit workstation. This PC is used mainly for video editing and rendering as well as for testing our 360° videos and VR apps. It’s great to have the option to lower the desk into a traditional sitting position for long editing sessions and then be able to raise the desk for VR and 360° video demos.

I was initially concerned that the lowest setting of the desk would be too high to work at while seated. I soon found though that the low-height setting was actually perfectly designed to afford optimal keyboard and monitor placement while working in a seated position.

Even though the desk is designed for a corner space, the workspace is large enough to hold our 24″ Eizo monitor and all of the Oculus accessories with plenty of room to spare. If needed, we could definitely fit a second monitor as well.

The keyboard shelf is roomy enough for a full-sized PC keyboard and mouse. The mouse area is too small to place a regular mouse pad, but our basic Logitech mouse works fine on the shelf surface.

There is also a slot built into the front of the workspace for tablet or phone placement. I find this location for the slot a little odd though, and don’t use it to hold my tablet or phone.

At $349.99 I feel that the FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk is a great buy. The easy assembly, well-thought out design and sturdy construction makes it a standout among all of the current standing desk offerings. Although the manufacturer states that the desk is available in black or white, the only selectable item on both the Flexispot website and Amazon was black.

Product weight: 53 lbs.
Max. Loading Weight Limit: 33 lbs
Dimensions (Weighted Base): 23″(W) x 22.3″(D)
Dimensions (Flat): 5.9″(H) x 41″(W) x 23″(D)
Dimensions (Extended): 19.7″(H) x 41″(W) x 23″(D)
Extension Height: 19.7″ (Footprint Surface) & 14.2 ” (Keyboard Tray)
Work surface measures: 41″(W) x 31.5″(D) (Display Surface & Keyboard Tray)
Keyboard tray measures: 34″(W) x 11.8″(D) (Middle) & 7.9″ (D) (Both wings)

The sample for this review was provided by Flexispot. Please visit their website or Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • • Existing standard desk
  • • Phillips screwdriver for assembly
  • • Quick and easy setup
  • • Made to fit in corners
  • • Very simple to adjust
  • • Perfect height for sitting or standing
  • • Works with existing standard desk
  • • No tilt adjustment
  • • Non-adjustable keyboard shelf
  • • Non-powered height adjustment

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  2. Since it tapers shouldn’t you be telling us both widest and narrowest dimensions? It is not like we can flip it around and use the full 41″ for a 2-3 monitor setup.
    What happens if I had a 18.3″ laptop and an 18″ monitor?

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