VAUX sets the Amazon Echo Dot free from its power cord shackles

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The Amazon Echo Dot is a gadget that really makes you feel like you have a true digital assistant in your home that is always waiting to do your bidding. The only downside to the Echo Dot is that it’s always tethered to a wall outlet because it’s not battery powered – till now. VAUX from Ninety7Life adds two much-needed features to the 2nd generation Echo Dot: battery power for portability and a larger speaker.

The VAUX is a speaker with a storage compartment on top that has been designed to hold the second generation version of the Amazon Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot rests in the top of the VAUX and a micro USB connector and a 3.5mm headphone style jack plug directly into the Echo Dot for power and audio.

The rechargeable 5000 mAH Lithium-ion battery inside the VAUX has enough capacity to power the Echo Dot for up to 6 hours and it can be used while it’s charging.

The VAUX will be available in black and white versions so it will blend in with any decor.

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One slight bummer is that the VAUX is not weather or water resistant. It’s been designed for indoor use only. Of course, there’s no one that will stop you from taking it outdoors on a nice day. You’ll just have to make sure you’re in range of your WiFi router.

You can pre-order a VAUX for $49.95 with free shipping due early next month (April 2017). Visit Ninety7Life for more info.

7 thoughts on “VAUX sets the Amazon Echo Dot free from its power cord shackles”

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  2. Echo $50 VAUX $50 = $100

    Echo Tap = $130 it’s water resistant and it charges ‘wirelessly’.

    What’s the point of the VAUX again?

      1. You don’t have to touch the tap either. It’s hands-free, after a free update released in February of this year.

  3. With the latest firmware, the Tap is also hands free. The problem I see with this unit, is that it looks like it interferes with the 8 microphones on the Dot.

    1. No, the microphones are at the top of the Echo behind the circular grill and are not blocked by the VAUX…

  4. It’s a good deal if you already have an Echo and need a better speaker and/or wireless capability… Otherwise, yes, get a Tap or Alexa…

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