Organize your daily medications into individual packets with the PillSuite

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Have you ever gone on a trip and had to pack all your bottles of medications and supplements only to find they take up too much space? The PillSuite helps eliminate that problem. This system allows you to organize your daily pills into a pill organizer which has a spout on the lid so that when the organizer is inverted, you may use the spout to pour each day’s medication into a small plastic bag (food-safe biodegradable plastic bags with soy ink panel) that can then be closed by the sealer. You can then label them with the date and time to be taken if necessary. The baggies can then be packed without taking up valuable space in your suitcase or purse. When it’s time to take your medication, you simply tear off the bottom of the bag which is perforated. The PillSuite comes with a sealer, 7-part sorter with built-in funnel, two rolls of 200 biodegradable pill bags, and 4 AA batteries. It is available from The Grommet for $34.95 and the 400 Packets Refill for Pill Pack System is also available from The Grommet for $7.95.


2 thoughts on “Organize your daily medications into individual packets with the PillSuite”

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  2. Convenient idea, but be aware that some customs and border authorities want to see drugs in their original packaging. Great for domestic travel though.

  3. I believe many states have laws requiring prescription drugs ONLY to be stored in packaging from your pharmacy – Makes it a PAIN for those who are disabled (GF at one time had many meds) and want to travel at all; We solved that by carrying a small gym bag with the containers, but what a MESS, anything that helps you see “Did I get this morning’s meds in her or not, at 6am?” is a real HELP so we usually used a 4-compartment per day x 1 week meds block (“Mediplanner II” or the like.) Staying sane helps!

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