AudioBurst’s Newsfeed is a new Alexa Skill that lets you ask for news on any subject

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When you ask Alexa to read you the news, she’ll provide a flash briefing which is a selection of short sound bites from the top news headlines that she will read along with your local weather. What if you want to hear news about a specific topic? You can’t say “Alexa, read me news about The Walking Dead” and expect to hear news about the best TV series ever created. Instead, you’ll get the same flash briefing that you get when you ask for the latest news. But if you add the new AudioBurst Newsfeed Alexa skill, you’ll be able to get news about almost any topic just by saying “Alexa, ask news feed for the latest news Richard Hatch”, and you’ll be rewarded with short updates called bursts from news outlets, radio stations, and podcasts along with the time they were created. Depending on the topic you request, the selected bursts may not be totally about the desired topic, but it usually works pretty well especially if it’s a trending topic. If you want to check it out, head over to the Alexa skills page to add AudioBurst’s Newsfeed skill to your Amazon account.

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