A smart notebook you can erase in the microwave

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For those of us that love our gadgets, but also love or need to use pen and paper to take notes the old fashioned way, the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook could be the link between both worlds we’ve been looking for. You simply take your notes on the pad with a Pilot Frixion pen, then use the app to configure where you’d like to send the page after you snap a pic of it with your smartphone so that you’ll be able to access it via the web whenever you choose.  After you’ve done that, put the entire notepad in the microwave, or I’ve read that you can use a blow dryer for heat as well, and the ink is erased and you can reuse the notepad again and again! I feel that writing things down helps me to remember and retain the information that I need but I don’t want stacks of notebooks everywhere to reference. Filing them in various cloud applications or even emailing them is a much more organized way to keep them available. You can get the Rocketbook Wave on Amazon for $27.00 and be on your way to better organization in no time at all.


6 thoughts on “A smart notebook you can erase in the microwave”

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  2. It seems to me that all the technology is in the pen. Any notebook would do -unless it had a metal spiral back – and probably be a lot cheaper.

  3. PS And of course there is technology in the phone app, but there are free apps that do the same. And Amazon says you can erase and re-use the notebook “up to 5 times”. I’m not impressed by that.

  4. I used frixion on a piping diagram that I wanted to overlay other highlighting marks on so I thought that I would run the plan through the photocopier to superimpose the two images. Well, that didn’t quite work; the fuser in the photocopier erased my frixion marks! Fortunately, placing the paper in the freezer returned the original diagram (also with all of the original erasures).

    So if you want to recycle paper and you don’t have a free microwave, ironically, you can use your photocopier.

  5. I agree that only erasing it 5 times doesn’t seem that impressive. I also wondered if leaving it in the car in the summer here in Florida would erase it accidentally.

  6. I backed the Rocketbook Wave when it was announced on Kickstarter and unfortunately I have to say that it isn’t as good as it seems.

    I thought I could use the notebook over and over again by backing up my notes to the cloud with their app and then erasing the notes in the microwave.

    But already on the first try the paper got burned on the edges, and (maybe that’s why it’s called Rocketbook Wave), the sheets got wavy.

    I did not even put the book in the microwave as long as suggested by the manufacturer, but still the book looked really ugly after putting it in the microwave.

    It sounded like a good concept, but for that price I cannot recommend it at all.

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