No drum kit no problem with Freedrum

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Making music on the fly has become commonplace today and with various music apps like GarageBand you have a virtual band in your pocket. There are a lot of devices on the market that capitalize on the portability of music making with devices that simulate guitars and keyboards, but no one has really addressed the drummer. There are drum pads and similar type products but, its hard to find a high-quality device designed with the natural drumming motion in mind. Freedrum, a Kickstarter project has come along and changed that. Basically, Freedrum is a set of Bluetooth triggers that attach to your drumsticks or your shoes (for bass drum or high hat), sync to a music program (they suggest GarageBand) and uses movement and stick angle to trigger the sound and different drums in the virtual drum kit. Funding for this Kickstarter project runs through December 6, 2016, with a pledge of $89 getting you the Freedrum kit and a process booklet. If successful the Freedrum is set to ship in the August 2017 time frame.

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