IPEAK wake up light review

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Many years ago I created my own “wake up light” by setting up a timer to a lamp next to my bed.  It was clumsy and blasted full light in the morning.  Now there’s a more refined way to achieve the same results with the IPEAK wake up light.


I noticed the box was unbranded.  A quick search on Amazon shows the same alarm clock sold under different names.  I also noticed while the Amazon listing showed the IPEAK logo on the front face, my sample did not.  In the box I found a user manual, micro USB cord and power supply.
ipeak-wake-up-light_03On the back you’ll find the control buttons, optional AAA battery door, wire antenna for FM radio, non-adjustable stand, and the microUSB plug for power.

ipeak-wake-up-light_04Once I set the clock, I noticed that numerals are barely visible during certain hours.  Instead of using a photocell to dim the time, the clock dims the numbers during “evening hours”.

ipeak-wake-up-light_05The triangle button on the front turns on the white light.  The four colored buttons then serve as a four-level brightness control.


There’s also an FM radio which can be used as an alarm.  Here, the frequency is set to 88.5 FM.
ipeak-wake-up-light_06If you like colored mood lighting, you can manual choose between four different colors as in addition to white.

When powered by USB, you get light and sound for alarm.  30 minutes before the alarm time, the clock lights up low, and slowly increases brightness.  It lights up white.  I don’t think there’s a way to preset a different color.

About 10 minutes before the alarm time, the alarm sound will begin at 50% volume for 1 minute, then 100% volume for 10 minutes.

After you’ve set the wake-up time, you can choose from one of 7 wake-up sounds.  I think #1 and #6 are the same, and #7 is the radio.  You’re also able to set the volume (the display shows “U0x”, where “x” is the relative volume level.  “U00” is silent, with no sound.

In testing, I found that even when set to zero volume (U00), you can sometimes hear a faint clicking sound from the clock when in alarm, as if it’s doing the best it can to NOT play something.

The clock’s controls have a tremendous learning curve.  The instructions are mostly helpful, but the control scheme is difficult.  At least the rear buttons have good tactile feel (they click nicely) but they all feel the same when you’re reaching from the front.  This is definitely a time you want to keep the manual handy.

In the end, the IPEAK wake up light is far more elegant than my all-or-nothing contraption I made years ago with light timers.  If you’re patient with confusing controls, this might be the bedside buddy for you.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by IPEAK. Please visit the Amazon listing for more info.


Product Information

  • USB power or 2xAAA batteries (no light function with batteries)
  • Wake up gradually with light.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Confusing controls.
  • Built-in alarm sounds are somewhat silly (no "normal" alarm sounds).
  • When set to silent, you may hear some clicking sounds during alarm.

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