FlipBelt’s Million Mile light is powered by motion

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Runners and others (walkers, cyclists, hikers and more) who like to to do their workouts in the wee hours of the morning or the late hours of the night will want to check out the Million Mile light from FlipBelt. This small clip-on wearable light will help keep runners visible to drivers without using batteries. With each stride, the light will pulse because it’s powered by motion. That means you never have to worry about charging it or replacing the batteries. The Million Mile light is available in a variety of colors including Black/White, Black/Aqua, Black/Green, Blue/White, Blue/Aqua, Blue/Green and Red/White. It’s priced at $19.99 and can be purchased from FlipBelt or Amazon. You can also check out their belts that will let you carry your phone, keys, wallet, etc around your waist. It’s sort of the modern equivalent to the fanny pack for runners.

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  2. Read the reviews: it requires constant bouncing motion to light – there is no storage battery. One walker says it worked wearing it on her shoe laces, but other walkers say there’s not enough motion to power it when worn on the waist.

  3. Greetings all, thought I’d add some information… this was actually originally a cool Kickstarter project which went very smoothly, I’m happy to see they were picked up by a larger player (I’ve also been running with a FlipBelt for a few years, but this is totally unrelated 🙂 ). I have two of the original version (I’m not implying there was an update since – I just don’t know), one with white LEDs, one with red LEDs. The units indeed don’t have a battery, they only light up when the wearer moves. Running makes them light up 100% of the time, this is what they were designed for. Walking at a brisk pace works quite well too. Walking at a leisurely pace doesn’t provide enough bounce to activate them. Noise-wise, they were very well-designed; you just don’t hear them. They are very light, and the LEDs are very visible. The clip is basic, but does its job, and they units are pretty sturdy overall.

    1. Just to clarify one thing – when I say “light up 100% of the time”, that means reliably blinking, they are never constantly lit 🙂 sorry for the confusing statement!

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