Sena Smart Cycling Helmet does everything but calculus

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One of the things I find most intriguing about gadgets is the prevalence of convergence. A great example of a convergent device is a Swiss Army knife. The Sena Smart Helmet may be the world’s first Swiss Army Cycling Helmet. It includes an integrated QHD camera and communication system. The camera allows the recording of up to 2 hours of QHD quality (1440p) video or FHD (1080p) video. The recorded image may be viewed live using a smartphone with WiFi. Also, the recording can be dubbed with the user’s voice, transmissions from the intercom, and music from the paired smartphone. You read this correctly – the helmet includes an intercom that will work over 900 m in open terrain to up to 3 other users. The integrated audio also allows the user to connect the helmet to a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.1. Integrated audio provides a hands-free method for listening to music, making phone calls, and receiving fitness data. Buttons on the side of the helmet control all functionality but a handlebar mounted remote may be purchased separately. Colors include: White, Blue, Green, Navy, Hi-Viz Pink, Cool-Grey, Light Blue, and Black. Info on pricing will be added to the Sena site when it is available.

4 thoughts on “Sena Smart Cycling Helmet does everything but calculus”

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  2. …but having said that, it is actually pretty cool for group cyclists or families that go out and explore on their bikes. I wonder what the range would be like in a city?

  3. Granted, no one has ever looked cool in a bike helmet but, if humankind has learned anything since patrons stumbled out of the Cheers Bar onto their penny-farthing it’s that bike helmets save lives. So, they minus-well be as useful as possible. That being said, not only does it sort of look like a toaster, I bet it would react as poorly to a healthy dose of rain or a half-decent spill as its bread warming doppelgänger. If we get a chance to review we’ll attempt to find out.

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