Ronin Energetics’ Quanta Clip to benefit OpenBuilds


A while back, I reviewed the KeyMiK, a key holder/smartphone stand/carabiner from Ronin Energetics. It was a Kickstarter campaign at the time, and is now funded and fully delivered. (I can’t say that about some other projects I’ve backed! Still waiting…) They have a new project, the Quanta Clip, and this one’s going to benefit the Maker movement by giving 25% of their sales (post-campaign) to the OpenBuilds FairShare Give Back program. The FairShare program helps fund and raise support for makerspaces and open hardware projects. A recent example of a recipient of the OpenBuilds FairShare program is FarmBot which is an open source farming CNC machine which has raised over $800k so far. (This is SO worth watching the video! Raspberry Pi meets Arduino meets MakerSpace meets Farm-to-Fork foodies!)



Those of us Gadgeteers who tinkered as kids all know how important it is to have free/cheap access to tools and parts, as well as people and places to help you learn more. Let’s make sure the next generation is just as tinker-crazy as we were, and also export good tech to the rest of the world.

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