Julie’s gadget diary – iPhone 7 procurement mission completed

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If you’ve read my recent gadget diary posts about pre-ordering the new iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll know that I made a mistake doing that through Apple’s site and will end up sending back the iPhone that’s heading to my doorstep as I type this.  I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out a way to convert my order into a paid in full order either through Apple or Verizon, but haven’t had any luck. So my local Verizon store manager (Hi Corey!) suggested that I get to the store before they open at 8am on launch day and try to buy one that way. So I took his advice, worked late a couple nights to bank some time at work since I’d be getting into the office late and then got up at 5am this morning, showered and headed into town to the Verizon store.


I decided if there was a long line (not likely) that I would just turn around and go to work. When I got there, this was the “line”. Five people, with four intent on buying. That meant I was fifth in line. Great odds. So I parked my butt on the sidewalk and chatted with people while the two hours until store opening time rolled around.

Everyone ahead of me in line had plans to buy the iPhone 7 Plus. I played Debbie Downer when I told them that there were strong rumors that there would be no iPhone 7 Plus models available today at retail stores and I brought up an article on my Nexus 6P from one of many sites that I’d been reading the day before to back up what I was saying.


As it got closer to 8am, more people started showing up.


A few minutes before the doors officially opened, several Verizon people came out and handed numbered papers to people that would guarantee that they could buy a new iPhone, but did not guarantee that they would get the model, color or capacity that they wanted. Five is my new lucky number.


When the doors opened, they only let in enough people so that there was a Verizon person to customer ratio and no more.

I got up to the counter within seconds and purchased an iPhone 7 32GB in black. Not Jet Black, they didn’t have any of those in stock either, not that I wanted one that supposedly scratches very easily.

Why did I go with the iPhone 7 instead of the 7 Plus which I originally pre-ordered? Because this one is really for Jeanne, but I thought I might like a smaller phone this time, so I bought hers today and will use it to help me decide which size to order for myself. Sometimes I can be smart… it’s just too bad it doesn’t happen when I need it to happen!

It’s also a good thing that I didn’t have my heart set on buying an iPhone 7 Plus today because this Verizon store did not have ANY of that model available in any color or capacity.


The transaction was quick and painless except to my wallet. Everything was completed within minutes, even with a perfect installation of a glass screen protector that I purchased.

I was able to drive back across town and into the office by 8:27am. Not bad!


Right now I’m going through newphoria as I get used to the iPhone and iOS again. My first impressions of the iPhone 7 is that it’s teeny tiny… I’ll probably be buying the 7 Plus for myself.

Hope everyone has good luck today getting a new iPhone if that’s your mission and you choose to accept it!

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    1. Shhhhhh, she doesn’t know I posted a video of her. 😉

      Did you get your iPhone? Going from a Plus sized phone to the 7 is tough. It feels so teeny tiny. I’ll most likely be ordering the 7 Plus before the weekend ends. Doubly sucks that there’s one sitting right next to me in a box that has to be sent back. Sniff!

  2. To be honest, I was thumbing through the videos to try to catch Max!

    I’m actually watching my NestCam (street view… I have a total of 3) to watch for the FedEx guy so I can phone home to say “GET UP! IT’S HERE” because they require signature confirmation.

    The phone call is overkill since I have a motion-sensing door chime at the foot of the stairs that sets off a bell inside the house. But hey, it’s iPhone delivery day.

    I’m actually somewhat pleased to hear you think the regular 7 is smallish. I pondered downsizing but realized that going from 6S-Plus to 7-Plus would have no adjustment period, I just went with it.

    Bummer about having to return the bigger one! That is gadgeteer-torture for sure.

    1. I left a note on the door for the UPS person, but they didn’t even knock on the door, ring the bell or take the paper. They just left the phone about 30 minutes ago when I was downstairs working on the computer.

      1. Ah, the wonders of NOT living in San Francisco, where I actually had a second parcel stolen as I was out buying a fifth camera to cover a blind spot.

  3. Julie, congrats on scoring a new phone. I have a 2-year old 6 Plus (128 GB) that I’ll have for a while longer. I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car and connect with a 1/8″ stereo plug through the AUX port, no Bluetooth. I also charge the phone while listening, so the new iPhone is just not going to get it done. Don’t want to have to replace my car stereo just because Apple felt the headphone jack has outlived its usefulness. Can’t wait to read your review of whichever phone you end up getting!

      1. If I had a car with a modern sound system I’d pounce. I use wireless earbuds anyway but I still drive a car with roll-down windows and you have to turn a key in a lock in the door to open it up. On the plus side, it gets great gas mileage and no one in their right mind would want to steal it. Plus it allows me to spend the money I didn’t spend on a fancy car on camera equipment. 🙂

    1. Well since you don’t spend money on your car you have plenty left to purchase a dual Lightning adapter. The phone already includes a Lightning to mini plug so you’re all set. I assume you have a 99 cent audio cable already.

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