Stories. They aren’t just for Snapchat anymore


Instagram has swiped the popular “story” feature from Snapchat and the jury seems to be out on whether it will take off or not.  For those who are not into Snapchatting, this makes for a neat way to share an entire day with people who can’t be with you without having to flood your followers feeds with multiple pics – which is a well known social media faux pas. You can add photos and video together to create a story that can be viewed by those that follow you (or everyone on the internet if your security settings are not private) which will be visible for 24 hours.  I can see where it will be redundant for people who use Snapchat, but I love it when developers add updates to their apps to keep them relevant and fun so you won’t hear me complain.  Besides, as with any new features that are made available to use through social media, you just have to try it to see what you think. If you don’t have Instagram installed, you can find it on Google Play and iTunes.

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