Now you can charge your devices in 150 countries with the TWIST World Adapter DUO

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The TWIST World Adapter DUO from OneAdaptr is the only power adapter that you will need to take with you when you travel internationally (okay, so maybe it doesn’t work everywhere, but it works in 150 countries!); it has all that you need in one piece. This unique adapter allows you to twist the base of the unit to extend the correct outlet prongs for the country that you are in. 


It powers three devices at once; it has two USB ports along the circumference of the adapter and a universal AC outlet on the face of the adapter. The TWIST World Adapter DUO is available from for $37.95. They even have a TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO ($44.95 from Amazon) which includes all of the above but also has a MacBook charging port. All-in-ones are the way to go in my book!

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