ExoSOLS custom orthotics review

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I spend a lot of time walking around on certain days, which causes me back and feet discomfort. I recently got the chance to review ExoSOLS, which are custom orthotics you can order via your smartphone.  They seemed like an interesting idea since you just take photos of your feet then order via the SOLS app. Let’s take a look at how they perform.Note: Images can be clicked on to view a larger size.

To get started with ordering your custom ExoSOLS, you need to download the iOS app via Apple’s App store.  Right now the app is iOS only, with Android to follow.

The app will ask you a series of questions regarding any discomfort you might have, activities, and where your shoes tend to wear out.




After answering the survey, the app shows you the cost and quick breakdown to how the ExoSOLS will help your feet.


You can select between “comfy” and “rugged” wear. I chose comfy since I’m not too active during the work day.



You will now take a “foot selfie” (although technically you can’t take the photos yourself).  All you need is a sheet of paper, bare floor, and good lighting.  It was fun to ask my boyfriend to help take the photos.


I’ll spare the screenshots, but basically, you take a photo of the sides and tops of each foot.  Once you’re done, just order via the app, and in a few days your custom insoles arrive.


They came in a nice aqua cover and white box with simple rubber bands holding the ExoSOLS together.


They are made of a nice foam insert with a supportive free flexing plastic portion near the heels of the insole.  They even printed my name which was a nice touch.


I slipped them into the shoes I felt needed them the most, which were my leather work booties. Immediately I noticed a difference with how the insole was contoured to my foot.  Since the insole added extra thickness to the inside of my boot, my toes squished up against my shoe which was a little bit uncomfortable. Not to worry, I tried it on a different pair of shoes that normally have extra room, and they fit well.  The biggest recommendation I’ll make is that if you should order the ExoSOLS a half size smaller from your normal shoe size.  Ordering my actual shoe size made the insoles not fit completely inside the shoes because they had to “bend” a tiny bit.


I also noticed that with certain shoes, the extra bit of padding from the insole was enough for my foot to slip out of the back of my shoes (for example, low top Converse sneakers).  Your mileage may vary with different types of shoes of course. I tend to wear leather or patent leather shoes to work, so if they already fit snugly, they will be too tight with the ExoSOLS.  You might need to purchase a half size bigger in shoes, or get the ExoSOLS a half size smaller.

Overall, the ExoSOLS were very comfortable.  I really like how the back of the heel and bottom of my foot were cradled.  I tend to have a flat foot so this provided me with extra comfort throughout my day. I recommend ExoSOLS if you are looking for an affordable solution for foot discomfort you might have with normal work shoes. I have  not tried these with running or work out shoes since those tend to already have plenty of cushion for me. If you purchase them, there is a 30 day test period, with free returns.

Source: ExoSOLS were provided by Sols Systems. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • iPhone or iOS device
  • favorite pair of shoes
  • nice quality
  • comfortable
  • affordable compared to traditional orthotics
  • need to size down when ordering
  • might be too thick for certain shoes

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