Squiddies Flip Reel is minimalist fishing without a bulky rod


Fishing gear can be bulky and expensive. It’s not something that you can easy carry with you where ever you go, so spur of the moment fishing trips require advanced planning. The Squiddies Flip Reel is a hand line fishing reel that is portable and compact enough to fit in your backpack or glove box without taking up much room at all. Standard fishing line is wound around the reel and a flexible collar keeps the line neatly in place and the hooks tucked safely away when you’re not fishing. The Flip Reel is designed with an ergonomic grip so the fisherman can feel every bite and tug of the line. The Flip Reel comes pre-loaded with 165 feel of 17 lb. line and small tackle kit for $19.99. Visit squiddiesflipreel.com for more info.

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