Escort and Cobra tech solutions for Dads and grads

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escort-cobra-1 With Father’s Day coming up and graduation parties, this time of year can be as popular for gift giving as the holidays are in December. If you’re having a tough time figuring out the perfect gift for dear old Dad or your favorite grad, I have two ideas  from Escort and Cobra that might be ideal if they enjoy driving and being prepared. Let me tell you more about the Escort Max 360 and Cobra JumPack – Tiny but Mighty power pack.

Escort Max 360 radar detector

Today there are many ways to get a ticket. In addition to police officers on the roads and highways with radar and laser guns, some areas are patrolled from the air and strategically posted speed trap cameras. There are also traffic light cameras that can catch you if you accidentally run a red light. One way to help prevent a ticket is a radar detector like the Max 360 from Escort.


The Max 360 is easily installed and features dual internal antennas that provide 360-degree awareness with  a display that has directional arrows that indicate the direction of the radar source. It also has front and rear antennas that rapidly scan for surrounding threats. The GPS-powered AutoLearn feature can intelligently reject false alerts based upon signal frequency and location. Receiving a ticket not only means that you’ll have to pay the ticket fee itself but there’s also the probable increase in insurance rates. There are many out there who have received tickets erroneously because they were not aware of the current speed limit due to poor sign visibility, construction, etc. The Escort Max 360 reminds you of the speed limit, makes you aware of what your speed is, and where detectors/cameras are to help you drive better and more safely.

Cobra JumPack (CPP 8000) jump starter / power pack

Vehicles and gadgets have one thing in common – they both run on batteries. So one gadget that both Dads and grads will find useful is a backup battery that can be used for both.


The Cobra JumPack (CPP 8000) jump starter / power pack looks like a lot of other battery packs that are on the market that can recharge your smartphone when it’s running low on juice. But the Cobra JumPack takes the traditional rechargeable backup battery one step further by adding the ability to actually jump start your vehicle if the battery is dead! Forget about bulky grimy jumper cables and needing another car. With the JumPack, you can jump your car’s battery all by yourself. Just attach the included jumper cables to the JumPack and you’re ready to go.

A fully charged JumPack has the capacity to start up to three vehicles and offers protection from reverse polarity, short circuits, overcharges, and reverse charges. And if you’re worried that the JumPack won’t be charged and ready to go when you need it, the unit holds approximately 85 to 90% of its charge for up to eight months. Even better is the fact that the Cobra JumPack is small enough to fit in your gear bag or glove box so you’ll be prepared when you need to jump cars, trucks, lawn mowers and charge your phone.

The Escort Max 360 radar detector and the Cobra JumPack (CPP 8000) jump starter / power pack are products that have been designed keep drivers prepared and protected.

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