Ring’s Stick Up Cam is wireless, rechargeable and weather resistant

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Cloud based cameras are a very easy way to add a level of security to your home. While they won’t prevent bad things from happening, they can alert you as soon as bad things start happening so you can do something about it as quickly as possible. I’ve been using a mixture of various brands of home security cameras for years and am always on the lookout for a multi-camera system that can replace my current hodge podge setup.


The Ring Doorbell camera and Stick Up Cam looks very interesting to me for a couple reasons. First of all the Doorbell camera doesn’t require that you already have an existing hard-wired doorbell because it’s wireless. Second, their Stick Up Cam is also wireless and can be used outdoors. It’s weather resistant, so it won’t matter if it gets rained on. Both cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries that can run for 6 to 12 months on a charge. There’s even an optional solar panel that can be used to power the Stick Up Cam.

The only issue with the Ring system is that it currently does not have on-demand video viewing. It will record motion detection videos that you can view, but you won’t be able to see a live view… According to the Ring website, they are working on adding that feature.

One really nice perk of the Ring cameras is that if someone happens to steal one of them, Ring will replace the stolen camera for free if you submit a police report.

You can buy the Ring Doorbell for $199 and the Ring Stick Up Cam for $199. For more info visit Ring.com and Amazon for better pricing.

6 thoughts on “Ring’s Stick Up Cam is wireless, rechargeable and weather resistant”

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  2. It has live video now. Works very good. Costco has the door bell for 179.00 and come with the wireless chime module. Been using one for over a year now with no issues.

    1. I was let to believe that only the wired version of the doorbell has live video streaming and that the wireless version doesn’t. Can you confirm that the wireless version can stream live video?

  3. I have the ring door bell. You have to have at least 1 meg upload speed for it to work properly. You also have to have Windows 10 on your pc or else you have to stream it through a phone app or tablet. It is pretty good and I love the fact that I can be in another city and aswer the door.

    I am not impressed with all the kinks and bugs we had to jump through without knowing any of the specs on it until after we got it. We had to call them once about the choppyness of the video and voice and that was when we found out we had to have 1 mb upload speed so we had to upgrade.

    I am not a computer geek at all, but I’m a Sr. Citizen and the 1 mb might be 1 gb I can’t tell them apart but it is something a younger person can figure out.
    The point is they company should put all the details of what you have to have for it to work properly as advertized on the box. Know before you buy the thing.

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