Kickstart your creativity and improve your photography skills with Trey Ratcliff

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You might not have heard of Trey Ratcliff, but he’s a photographer who travels the world to capture once in a lifetime landscape and nature images. He’s also one of the people that helped bring the Peak Designs Everyday Messenger bag to life. He has a new video series called Becoming an Artist, which brings viewers along on some of his adventures while teaching them some handy photography skills. You can watch Episode 1 – The Accidental Creation of Me. This episode which is entirely shot in Africa, he tells the story of how he came to be. He ends the episode by showing the photos that will be worked on in all of the episodes in Season 1 and does a brief introduction of the tools he uses. The season consists of 15 episodes which includes RAW images and a trial version of Aurora HDR Pro. I’ve watched a couple episodes and am already hooked on his cool story telling style. Season 1 can be purchased for $59 through his site Stuck in Customs (affiliate link).

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