Leather Works Cash Wallet review

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I LOVE the concept of a minimalistic wallet. Every now and then, I do my best to empty my wallet of nonessential bulk. But sadly I never even get close to what I would consider sleek or slim. The artisans at Leather Works have created just that, a thin, well-made wallet designed to carry around your basic needs in today’s hectic modern world…I.D., a couple of credit cards, and up to 5 folded bills. The Cash Wallet is handmade from high quality materials with a true Old World look and feel to it.

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So, this is my wallet…too big and bulky for sure (a literal pain in the ass). There are even days I have to carry around two wallets for my day job. As you see above, this wallet holds my I.D., 4 credit cards, 2 electronic access cards for work, proof of auto, medical and dental insurance, metro pass, 6 bills (aka money), Jamba Juice & coffee cards, and a few bits of paper.

I would like to think I could survive with just what the Cash Wallet can hold during my work week but there is just no way. For this review, I used the the Cash wallet on the weekends (Friday through Sunday) for about a month.


The Cash Wallet is designed to slip into your pocket without adding any unnecessary bulk. It is engineered to hold two cards in front, three in the middle, and about 5 bills folded in half underneath the cash strap. The thumb slot enables you to easily slip your credit card or ID from the front pocket.


The Cash Wallet is handcrafted from all full-grain leather, hand-stitched with a durable saddle stitch. The edges are hand-finished and burnished with a 9-step process for a well-done look & feel and solid durability. As with most hand-made leather products, every wallet has its variation in shade, marks, and grain making each uniquely its own.


  • Includes thumb slot for easy removal of cards
  • Hand-Stitched with a durable saddle stitch
  • Edges are hand-finished and burnished with a 9-step process for unmatched texture and durability


According to Leather Works, the break in period can take up to 2 weeks to start forming around the cards and cash that you carry. Initially the front pocket did put a fair amount of pressure on the card within. You can see above, how much the wallet bends the single card. I am sure as the Cash Wallet breaks in this bending/pressure should become less of an issue.

The Cash Wallet is available in: brown, black, and burgundy Horween CXL leather and a dozen thread colors, including black and natural kevlar. Leather Works backs all of their products with a 25 year warranty.


Compared to my standard wallet, I could hardly tell the Cash Wallet was in either my front or back pockets. I wish my life allowed me to use the Cash Wallet everyday but as I mentioned, sadly there is no chance. That said, I will use it during summertime weekends, vacations, and definitely after I retire (or something just as minimalist and nicely made). Leather Works craftsmanship and material quality are both excellent. The Cash Wallet’s fit, finish, and function are spot on if you are looking for a high quality, minimalistic wallet that oozes Old World quality and charm.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Leather Works. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price:$75 - 85
Manufacturer:Leather Works
  • Very slim and minimalstic
  • Excellent craftsmanship and build quality
  • Well finished
  • Thumb slot for easy removal of cards
  • None

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