Keyport wants help bringing new Slide 3.0 and Pivot key holders to market


I’m a huge fan of Keyport’s Slide key organizers and carried the Slide 2.0 for a couple of years until I began a minimalist phase and switched to something even smaller than the Slide. My alternative solution worked ok, but I missed the Slide. That’s why I was very excited when I found out that Keyport just launched a Kickstarter campaign for brand new products that are smaller and even more modular than their previous products. They are introducing the Pivot which is a key holder that uses your existing keys and the next generation Slide 3.0. Both feature an all metal body and new add-ons including a pocket knife, Bluetooth locator and an LED flashlight. But what excites me is that there will be two sizes of the Slide 3.0. There’s a 6 port version like the original Slides and a 4 port version which is smaller and more compact. That’s the one I want. There’s also good news for current Keyport owners. The key blades in their current Slides will be compatible with the new one. Their Kickstarter campaign goal is $100,000 and they have already pulled in a little over $80,000. There are many pledge points, with a $16 pledge pre-ordering the Pivot and $29 for a 4 port Slide or $39 for a 6 port slide. for more info head over to Keyport Kickstarter page.

7 thoughts on “Keyport wants help bringing new Slide 3.0 and Pivot key holders to market”

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  2. I’m minimalist when it comes to my pocket items. This looks like it’d be mighty uncomfortable in pants pockets and cause wear by its harsh edges.

    1. I have too many keys to shove into my pants pocket, and a number of them (e.g., bike lock keys with plastic heads) won’t work on this Pivot. But I still ordered one to see whether putting the keys that will fit (4 or 5) will result in less jacket pocket bulge/damage.

      I’m also hoping that the Pivot will let me load selected merchant loyalty barcode tags.

      1. Hi Betty,

        The Pivot has can help you reduce the jingle and stabbing form your keychain, you may even want to put 4-6 of your common keys in a Slide 3.0. We can help you reduce the pain of your Every Day Carry items for sure! 🙂


    2. Hi Lex,

      Actually, you can barley tell the Slide or Pivot are in your pocket! They are much lighter than most existing keychains people carry, especially the Slide. There are no harsh edges to feel, unlike your keys right now that can stab you. I hope this information was helpful!


  3. Im on my second Slide 2.0 in two years and while i love the form factor they aren’t very durable. The plastic body cracks up where the keys exit the unit and had a key snap off (ignition to motorcycle) The Slide 3.0 may address durability but frankly ive already invested over 120.00 which is an insane amount of money for keys. Especially when having to replace each year. good luck

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