Use the Force to fight the rain with lightsaber wipertags


I love finding all the ridiculous products companies are coming out with to capitalize off of the new Star Wars film. It’s clear there is no limit to a company’s ability to contort a product into a Star Wars related item. Today’s find is equal parts cheesy and intriguing.

A company called WiperTags is selling a line of products that resemble different colored lightsabers. These lightsabers attach to your rear windshield wiper to add a little humor to those gloomy, rainy days. The lightsabers come in a range of different sizes and should be able to accommodate many different types of vehicles. They range in price from $15 to $19.

Like I said, it’s a ridiculously cheesy product, but I sorta want one. My kids would definitely get a kick out of it, plus I think it would elicit a pretty funny reaction from people.

If lightsabers aren’t your thing, Wipertags has a variety of other funny products you can attach to your wiper. For more information visit Wipertag’s site.

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  • Pam T. December 30, 2015, 9:07 am

    Yeah, I want one.

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