Great stocking stuffer – no tie Lock Laces

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Need a stocking stuffer idea? How about LOCK LACES? These laces allow you to tighten shoe laces quickly and easily whether you need to get your kids out the door fast, are going out for a quick run, have difficulty with finger dexterity, or just want some laces that look pretty cool. One size fits all (they are 48″ and stretch up to 72″). One set of laces contains individual parts: 2 Lock pieces, 2 Cord Clips and 2 Laces for lacing up one pair of shoes. Just place your feet in your shoes, lace them up with your LOCK LACES, thread the laces through the locking mechanism, trim the excess lace, slip one cord clip on the ends of the laces aligning them with the teeth inside the clip, and then snap the clip together. LOCK LACES are available from Amazon for $7.99 and come in a variety of colors. There are even reflective LOCK LACES available from Amazon for $9.99 (also in a variety of colors).

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