Clug bike clip review

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clug bike clip 01

Want to park your bike against a wall, but want to use the absolute smallest hardware you can find?  The Clug bike clip is a teeny tiny clip that promises to do just that, and is a snap to install.

clug bike clip 02

Modern art?  Baby chew toy?  This is the Clug, a clever two-part plastic clip that comes in three sizes to suit nearly all bike tire sizes.

clug bike clip 16

The Clug comes in “Roadie” (S), “Hybrid” (M) and “mtb” (L).  If you’re not sure which Clug is for you, check out this sizing guide.

clug bike clip 03

I was sent the Roadie (S) and the Hybrid (M).
clug bike clip 04

Inside you’ll get a mounting guide printed on the box itself, screws, and drywall anchors (if needed).

clug bike clip 05

clug bike clip 06

The two halves of each Clug simply snaps together.  No tools necessary to pull or join the two halves.

clug bike clip 07

There’s a slightly more detailed install guide in the foldup insert, in case installation wasn’t obvious enough.

clug bike clip 08

It just so happens that I’ve got two bikes roaming wild and free in my garage.  That’s my Cannondale Hooligan on the left, and my son’s REI Novara bike on the right, hogging up the floor.

clug bike clip 09

The side of the Clug box is this quick visual reference.  Yup, this one ought to work.
clug bike clip 10

I’ve got drywall in my garage, so I located the studs and lined up the “stick this to your wall” guide where the tire touches the wall.

clug bike clip 11

Next I drilled the included screws.  I didn’t use the drywall anchors since I’m screwing into a stud.

clug bike clip 12

Finally, I popped in the Clug’s other half.  With a SNAP, I was done!

clug bike clip 13

Here’s how the two bikes look mounted on the wall.  Can you see the Clugs?

clug bike clip 14

Closeup of the Clug (S).

clug bike clip 15

I thought installation was going to be a lot more difficult, but it helped that I had studs to drill into.  If not, at least Clug included drywall anchors.

Every time I pull a bike off the Clug, I feel like I’m going to break it.  But, it holds fast.

There are other mounting ideas over at the Clug website.  How will you use your Clug?

Update 07/03/16

One day I discovered one of the bikes had detached itself from the Clug.  What happened?  Well, if the tire loses enough air, it’s possible for the bike to free itself from the Clug.  I’m more careful about ensuring proper tire pressure now.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Clug. Please visit for more info.


Product Information

  • Screwdriver at a minimum. Drill, stud finder, etc. as required.
  • Minimalistic and clever design
  • Three sizes available
  • Packaging doubles as a sizing and installation guide
  • Some basic DIY skills required

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