Illuminate your roll with Luma Dice

Luma Dice

Are you a board game connoisseur? Do you love the sound of the dice hitting the board? If this is you, Luma Dice, a Kickstarter project may add that last bit of excitement to push you over the edge. Luma Dice is an aluminum dice set that use LEDs to light up the dots on the dice. Having 21 RGB LEDs, an accelerometer, and a replaceable battery, each side of the dice lights up in a different color when rolled. The accelerometer allows the dice to sense when they are being used so the lights will not always be on. There are many pledge points for this project with a pledge of $21 (approximate exchange rate to US dollar from AUD) getting you a pair of Luma Dice. This project is seeking funding until January 13, 2016, and if successfully funded will ship in the March 2016 time frame.

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  • Hernan December 16, 2015, 1:46 pm

    A virtual version of these Luma dice is now available for use in virtual tabletop software:
    Advantages of the digital dice: cheaper (a free download), never have to replace the battery, no weight balance issues to worry about

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