Need help preventing tickets? Consider the new Escort Max 360

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A couple of weeks ago we were vacationing on Seagrove Beach, Florida. Jeanne usually does the driving and I am the navigator, but when she went to pick up our rental car at the airport, it was discovered that her driver’s license had expired. That meant I was up for driving duty for the week. It wasn’t a big deal because the area was pretty low key as far as the traffic was concerned. But the one thing I noticed right away was the fact that speed limit signs seemed to be few and far between. That’s not really a problem if you’re familiar with the limits of the area, but for me, I wasn’t. It seemed like every time I noticed a speed limit sign, it was a significantly different speed. I started getting paranoid that I would be pulled over and given a ticket.

These days there are more ways than ever before to get a ticket. Besides officers on the roads with radar and laser guns, some areas have patrols from the air and speed cameras. There are also red light cameras that can catch you if you accidentally run a red light. One way to help prevent a ticket is a radar detector like the Max 360 from Escort. Escort detectors are frequently recommended over Valentine One detectors. If you thought radar detectors were illegal, you are wrong. Radar detectors are legal all over the country, with the exception of two states: Washington D.C. and Virginia.

I remember that my dad had a radar detector when I was a kid. The technology of radar and laser detectors has vastly improved over the years with features that make them smarter than ever before. Even if you are a very careful driver who doesn’t speed on purpose, the National Motorist Association estimates that 1/3 of all speed enforcement citations are erroneous. I’ve had speeding tickets before and they were not cheap to settle. My last one was about five years ago and I didn’t think I was speeding at all until I was pulled over by a state trooper. I had to pay over $200 to settle it. Lucky for me my insurance didn’t go up too. I was given a free pass because it was the first ticket I’d had with that insurance company. Some insurance companies aren’t that “nice”. A radar detector can potentially pay for itself by saving a driver from just one ticket.


The Escort Max 360 features 360° protection. It has a display with directional arrows that indicate the direction of the radar source. It also has front and rear antennas that rapidly scans for surrounding threats. The GPS-powered AutoLearn feature can intelligently reject false alerts based upon signal frequency and location. Escort believes so strongly in the Max 360 radar detector that they are offering a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee” for one year which offers speeding ticket reimbursement when purchasing Max 360 detector direct from Escort before January 31, 2016. Details about this guarantee can be found on Escort’s site.

The Escort 360 is priced at $649.95. We will be receiving a review sample of the Escort Max 360 and will be posting a full review with our experiences using this product, so stay tuned.

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  2. And here in The People’s Republic of Virginia, you can listen to the police radio frequencies but cannot legally ‘monitor’ their radar signals. The state cops even have a few ‘radar detector detectors’.

  3. I’ll stick with my Valentine One. It has saved me so many times over the years, I lost count. Worth every penny for someone who enjoys driving at high speeds.

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