Heya itsa about time, the Super Mario Bros watch

Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros watch

Are you a gamer? Do you long for the simpler times in gaming when Donkey Kong ruled the skyscrapers and the Super Mario Bros. ruled the sewers? We canā€™t return to those days, but Romain Jerome has designed a way for you to wear your favorite gaming plumber on your wrist with the RJ X Super Mario Bros. watch. The watch is made with a 46mm black PVD-coated titanium case with 3D pixilated dial having Super Mario Bros. characters and elements on the watch face. The Super Mario Bros. watch is a limited edition of only 85 with a price tag of $18,950. Available through Romain Jerome dealers, remembering your glorious gaming days will only be a glance away.

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7 thoughts on “Heya itsa about time, the Super Mario Bros watch”

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  2. $18,950? Is that a typo?

    I can buy a working refurbished original Super Mario Bros arcade game for $2500. OK, the arcade game doesn’t tell time and I can’t wear it on my wrist.

    But I would expect the characters on this watch to move, or jump, or circle round the face. Golly a 1933 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Character Watch w/ Original Leather Band does for only $700 on eBay! And Mickey’s hands move! That’s a classic.

      1. Crikey what kind of house do you live in? and/or where?

        Our Rental (1500sq/f) is around $800/mo
        Our Home (2500sq/f) is about $1500/mo

  3. I did buy the Apple Watch Hermes edition (single tour) though a couple weeks back. Less than a 1/10th the price and a lot sexier…IMO!

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