Opets is a hands-free leash to make dog walking easier

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When I first saw theKickstarter project for the Opets leash, I thought it was another quirky product would make a fun news post. But when I started thinking more about it, I remembered when I had a Corgi. Walking Kasey wasn’t the easiest task because she always liked to yank on the leash that was clutched in my hand. If there would have been a hands-free way to walk her back then, I probably would have been all over it. I don’t have a dog now, but for those of you that do, the Opets leash might be worth considering. Opets consists of a neoprene belt that you wear around your mid section. Short or long leashes can connect to D rings on the belt and to your dog’s collar for easy hands-free walking. The belt even allows the dog (or up to three dogs at a time) to move 360 degrees around you on the belt. With your hands free, you’re able to do other things like carry a drink, talk on the phone, carry groceries, etc, all while still walking your pet. The Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise $22,000, and you can help by pre-ordering an Obelts set of one leash and one belt for $40-$42. If the campaign is a success, the product will ship in March of 2016. For more info visit the Opets Kickstarter page.

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  2. This is a good idea. In the past, when I used normal rope, it was very hard to control dog’s movement. But after using hands-free leash it’s very easy to control.

  3. I’m picturing trying to control three dogs who are lunging after the dog across the street as they are attached at your waist. Can’t quite grasp how to control the dogs in that case. But I suspect waist leashes work well with well-trained dogs. 🙂

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