Shure SRH145 Headphone review

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shure srh145-01

I know Shure from their line of audio gear, including the famous SM58 microphone.  But headphones?  Not so familiar.  Today I get to try out the Shure SRH145 headphones.

shure srh145-02

  • Sensitivity:  100 dB SPL/mW
  • lmpedance:  34 Ohms
  • Frequency Range:  25 Hz–18 kHz
  • Weight:  5.28 oz (150 g) without cable
  • Cable Length:  5 ft (1.52 m)
  • Cable Style:  Straight, attached dual-exit
  • Detachable cable?  No
  • Plug:  Nickel-plated 1/8″ (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack

shure srh145-03

shure srh145-04

The box declares RICH DEEP BASS.  Well at least there’s no Beats logo anywhere.

shure srh145-06

No, instead, just SHURE etched on the side of a brushed, metallic finish.

shure srh145-05

The SRH145 folds up into a more compact form.  Neat trick!

shure srh145-07

shure srh145-08

The headband doesn’t adjust, but the ear “cups” move up and down.

shure srh145-09

Ear pads are very soft and cushioned.  You can buy replacement pads, too (part HPAEC145).

shure srh145-10

The top of the band is lightly padded as well.  It’s not very thick.

shure srh145-12

Here’s a closeup of the hinge.  The hinge itself is metal, but it appears the band’s handsome metallic finish is actually painted on.

shure srh145-11

Underside of the hinge.  This is the only place you’ll find the “left-right” tags.

shure srh145-13

No in-line controls here.  If you want remote controls on the wire, look at the Shure SRH145m+ instead.

shure srh145-14

These are “on ear” headphones.  I measured 68mm across.

shure srh145-16

shure srh145-17

The headphone connector measures 5.84mm below the metal plug  It was thin enough to fit into my iPhone with a case.

shure srh145-18

shure srh145-19

Here’s the recently-reviewed Samson SR550 headphones (left) I reviewed.  Because they’re around-the-ear headphones, they’re larger.

shure srh145-20

Remember the “RICH DEEP BASS” on the box?  Well that was no lie.  The Shure SRH145 are definitely tuned for a very heavy sound.  If you’re a bass-head, you’ll be pleased.

I’m not a fan of on-ear headphones.  I’ve found that over time, they’re uncomfortable.  For short periods of time, the SRH145’s are very comfortable.  The soft pads are like fluffy pillows resting against your ears.  But if it’s a hot day, on-ear headphones just feel a little gross.  It could be my intolerance for heat and humidity.

Despite the metallic-look, the SRH145 does feel on the cheap side.  Looks like metal, feels like plastic.  However, the light weight does feel effortless while wearing them.

If you’re looking for a pair of affordable, folding on-ear, comfortable headphones with that “DEEP RICH BASS”, just look for the box.  The Shure SRH145 says so right there.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Shure. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • 1/8" audio jack
  • Folds
  • Ear pads are very soft
  • Nice sound for bass-lovers
  • Metal-look isn't really metal
  • Feels a bit light
  • On-ear design a matter of personal preference

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