The Multi tool from Machine Era should always be with you

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Having this solid titanium addition to your keychain may make you a hero, or maybe just open that beer you’ve been waiting for on Friday at 5 o’clock. Either way, this practical tool packs three times the tensile strength of aluminum, resists scratches and is hand blasted for a beautiful matte finish. It has a phillips head screwdriver, a flathead, a bottle opener, a 1″ rule, and a pry wedge. With a weight of only .04 oz. it certainly won’t weigh you down and being that there is no blade, you will be able to carry this tool with you in the air, on land and sea with no worries of it being confiscated at security checks.  Visit the Machine Era Co. website to pick one up – $32.00.


5 thoughts on “The Multi tool from Machine Era should always be with you”

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  2. That looks ace, especially as it’s Titanium.

    The one I use isn’t Titanium, but it is definitely useful and wraps around my key as a bonus!

    It’s the True Utility KeyTool:

    Being steel (I believe?) it’s cheaper at only £7 or so, but still strong. The older version of the same tool had less in terms of variance of tools, but it was sleeker on the key. However the bottle opener itself wasn’t well-made – it struggled with most caps and this one resolves that issue.

  3. Mine arrived today. It’s a lot darker than the picture above. And the numbers on the rulers are REALLY microscopic. I can usually read just about anything with my glasses off, but I can’t make out the difference between the inches and centimeters.

    It is extremely light and if I didn’t know it is titanium, I wouldn’t try it for any work at all.

    The Phillips-head screwdriver is weird, though. The device is totally flat on the back. So the Phillips-head screwdriver is also flat. This means it only has three extensions instead of the normal four. It works, but as I said, it feels weird.

    The regular screwdriver is fine, though.

    The hole to hook onto a keyring is small. I don’t carry keys with me. But there’s a hook inside my backpack that I have it hooked onto. But it’s much easier to put the hook on the large opening rather than the keyring hole. And if I need to use the device, I would just take it off the hook.

    I don’t open any bottles, so I can’t say anything about the bottle opener.

    And I have no idea how one would use the pry wedge.

    There are no instructions with the device. The website does have an image that labels everything which is good because I would have thought the bottle opener was the large hole. Turns out that’s the finger grip.

    It came by USPS, within the 2-4 days promised, in a 6×9 padded envelope. I imagine the envelope is padded to keep postal machinery from clogging because I can’t see it getting damaged at all. The device itself was in a very small plastic envelope inside the padded envelope, not much bigger than the device.

    I love the idea of carrying this in my backpack. I’m known as the person who always has what people need in “the bag.” This adds to my bag of tricks.

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