2015 Summer gadget giveaway!

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To celebrate Summer, back to school and Thursday, we present the Gadgeteer’s 2015 Summer gadget giveaway! One lucky person will win a huge prize pack of 12 prizes. So click through to get the details on the prizes and to submit your entry for a chance to win them!


1 person will win a prize pack consisting of 1 of each of the products shown below:


Native Union: KEY Cable
Whether at home or out and about, KEY is a cable that goes wherever you do, giving you access to any USB power outlet wherever you are

  • Charging cable and keychain fits routinely into your life and your style
  • Never worry about remembering your phone charger again, just grab your keys and go
  • Helps you stay prepared for daily recharge emergencies
  • Made from hard wearing TPE and long lasting nylon to ensure it never lets you down
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket but long enough to still use with your phone during charging and syncing
  • MFI-certified Lightning connector for Apple; Micro USB for Android
  • Available in Coral Red, Zebra and Marine Blue

Price: $29.99
Website: www.NativeUnion.com


808 Audio: HEX XS

Bluetooth wireless speaker that features a pocket-size cabinet with a high-end look

  • Features full stereo sound, an enhanced bass radiator, and 12 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • Precision-tuned stereo system with bass resonator delivers higher volumes and a deeper range for superior sound
  • Single button operation makes it easy to power, pair and play from smartphone or tablet
  • Lightweight, a mere six ounces, fully portable design that fits wherever you go
  • Aux input to enjoy music from wired sources
  • Available in black, blue and white/gold

Price: $59.99
Website: www.808Audio.com


TrackR: bravo
Thinnest tracking device to locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds

  • Keeps track of keys, pets, bikes, mobile devices or anything  else you value that may go missing
  • Two-way ringer means your phone can find anything connected to your TrackR bravo, and anything connected to your TrackR bravo can find your phone, even on silent
  • Uses TrackR’s Distance Indicator to find items within 100 ft. via Bluetooth or Crowd GPS to find items world-wide
  • Features beautiful anodized aluminum construction for the thinnest and most durable tracking device
  • Custom separation alert notifies you before you leave items behind
  • App integrates with home Wi-Fi and Nest network to disable alerts from sounding when wandering around the house
  • Uses a reusable battery which cuts down on lifetime costs, and keeps the crowd GPS network strong
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 for a 100 ft. range

Price: $29.99
Website: www.thetrackr.com



Kinivo: K300
HDMI switch that adds three HDMI ports to your TV so you can connect more devices to your TV

  • Quick and easy way to add additional HDMI ports to your TV
  • Delivers UHD content to TVs and video projectors that are 4K UltraHD compatible
  • Perfect for those who have run out of ports on their TV
  • Connectable devices include multiple gaming consoles, cable boxes, DVD players, streaming sticks and laptops
  • Offers auto-switching to determine which HDMI device is turned on and sends that source to the TV input
  • Bullet Item

Price: $34.99
Website: www.kinivo.com


RCA: “Air” Ultra-Thin Antenna

Super-thin, multi-directional amplified antenna designed to enhance reception and deliver the broadcast shows you love in HD for free

  • Double sided/layered reception element maximizes and strengthens broadcast signals
  • Features SmartBoost amplification to strengthen weak signals and deliver purer channel quality making it easier to tune in
  • Receives local HD and Digital TV broadcast in 1080 resolution (better than cable or satellite) for FREE
  • Receive local news, sports, weather and popular TV show broadcasts and break free from hefty monthly cable subscription bills
  • Provides both VHF and UHF reception to pick up the maximum number of channels possible
  • RCA is the world leader in digital antenna technology

Price: $89.99
Website:  www.rcaantennas.net


Onanoff: SoundCover
New folio speaker amplifies your iPad’s volume by up to 400 percent and doubles as a carrier for your device when on-the-go

  • Brings your iPad’s music, movies, conference calls and games to life with two built-in flat panel speakers
  • Allows you to wirelessly control music from a tablet up to 33 ft. away and produces a 360 degree audio field
  • One of the slimmest speakers on the market at 14 mm thin and is intended for maximum portability and travel
  • iPad clips into the SoundCover with the screen facing in to protect it from scratches during travel
  • Matte metal finish fits in with the most design-conscience homes and offices
  • Sophisticated built-in microphone makes it the ideal audio accessory for calls
  • Can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device, fits with iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • Available in Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Tactical Black

Price: $199
Website: Onanoff.com



Ideal for the cable and satellite TV lover, Pronto turns your iPhone into a personalized universal remote control, centralizing control of all your entertainment systems

  • Allows control of all entertainment devices (TVs, set-top boxes, DVDs and Blu-ray players) from your iPhone
  • Paired with the free Peel Smart Remote app, offers customized viewing recommendations based on your interests and viewing habits
  • Includes optional IR extension cable, allowing users to store away multiple entertainment devices and still control them
  • Palm-sized and lightweight, the Pronto fits in the smallest of spaces and allows for easy mobility
  • Optimized to control more than 3,000 entertainment devices, including all major TV brands
  • Includes 4AA batteries
  • Compatible with: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and  iPod Touch

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99
Website: www.getpronto.com


Penclic: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse (B2)

Lightweight, Bluetooth mouse functions like a pen for quick, precise movement

  • Bluetooth capability frees up coveted USB ports
  • Penclic Mouse looks, feels and acts like a pen, placing superior navigation at your fingertips, allowing for laser-focused precision, thus leading to better results and quicker movements
  • Penclic Mouse’s  ergonomics create a relaxed working position,  enhancing user experience and allowing forearm to relax on work surface.  Sleek, Scandinavian design counteracts static tensions in arms, shoulders and neck, reducing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) associated with typical mouse products
  • Features 5 buttons, scroll wheel and laser sensor which operates on almost any surface without pad or tablet; intended for right-handed users
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 2 months before additional charging is needed.
  • Wireless range up to 16 feet; compatible with Mac and PC products

Price: $89.95
Website: www.penclic.se


Toykoflash watch

Cool wrist watches for unique people. There are many colorful styles to choose from and the contest winner gets their choice of any watch from their collection. 

Price: $109 – $199


Lexar 64GB P20 JumpDrive USB 3.0 Flash Drive and 64GB Professional 2000x SD

High-speed flash drives that will let you quickly and easily transfer and share photos, music, videos, and files between your computers and devices.

  • High-speed performance
  • Compatible with PC and Mac® systems
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Price: $61.99 – $136.99


Koomus RoadPro CD

Easy to use universal smartphone mount that uses the existing CD player in your vehicle as the mount point. No suction cups or adhesive required. 

  • Innovative and easy installation on any CD slot
  • Stretchable holder can hold from 2.25 inch upto 3.4 inch wide
  • Full 360 degree rotatable, can be mounted with protective case on it
  • Can be tilted to create optimal viewing angle
  • Universal compatibility with all iPhone and Android devices

Price: $24.99
Website: www.koomus.com

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 08/09/2015 11:59PM EST leave a comment on this page with your ideas of what would make The Gadgeteer better for you.

Get a 2nd bonus entry by tweeting:
Win a super summer gadget prize pack from @thegadgeteer http://wp.me/p3LRkH-LCy

Make sure you come back and leave a 2nd comment on this page with a link to your tweet.

2. At some point on 08/10/2015, I’ll pick 1 random winner using random.org. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other random.org drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers and family members may not enter this contest.

3. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for the winner not accepting their prize within 48hrs. The winner will be posted on the contest page, contest comments and will be emailed. Check your spam folder.

5. Winner must have a US shipping address.


The winner is comment #118 from Nick Ashton. Congrats Nick and thank you to everyone who entered and the sponsors for providing the prizes.

I’ll review all the comments and consider implementing some of the ideas.


126 thoughts on “2015 Summer gadget giveaway!”

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  2. i would like to see more TV and video related reviews on this site. I like it, but that would be a nice enhancement!

  3. I might be in the minority here, but I really don’t enjoy the swipe to navigate between pages within an article when viewing from an iPad. I typically hold my iPad with one hand and the swipe left/right feature is much less effective than scrolling down/up.

  4. I would like to see more video reviews, especially by you, Julie. I remember you doing some of these years ago and they were quite good.

  5. The site is pretty awesome the way it is… I’d say the only thing that would make it better is more business travel gadgets.

  6. i agree with Chris, I don’t like the swipe to navigate between pages within an article when viewing from an iPad!

  7. To improve the site for me I’d like to see an option to change the theme. Nothing in regards to topics or moving items about, just a simple click for maybe a black background or a different contrast of sorts. My monitor is extremely bright and all the white light in my face gets tiresome. I imagine it could be done easily with a simple non intrusive java script or something similar. Cheers

  8. The-Gadgeteer

    I Want to see more Every Day Carring, at least one per week, and more reviews from the crew and their own stuffs.

  9. A categories menu to get right to what your looking for.
    So you would be able to select phones, computers, cameras…what-have-you and you would be able to see just reviews on the type of item you are looking for!

  10. Larry Gorson-Marrow

    I like to see more reviews of home automation products as well as reviews of more consumer electronic equipment.

  11. I’d love to see more gadget reviews about mobile device styluses. I’d like to get a better idea of what are good ones for drawing and illustration.

  12. I’ve been following The Gadgeteer for years and years. Great work! One idea for the site would be to have more multimedia reviews. Reading about gadgets is great, but seeing them in action only makes their review greater! Small 2-3 minute vids would be great. Eric

  13. The site is pretty awesome as it is, however more reviews on various bags for carrying things like gadgets is always appreciated. More reviews on accessories or stereos that include Android play would be sweet.

  14. I’d like to see a weekly roundup of cool Kickstarter projects to check out, even before some of them get longer posts, because frequently by the time the post is up the earlybird rewards are long gone.

  15. I would love an update to “Julie’s Favorite Gear”– not just older reviews re-visited as you (and others) have been doing recently, but a semi-regular curating of your own Best Of.

    [Barring that, perhaps remove the prominent link in the header of each page that leads to an article dated December 21st, 2008? ;-)]

    Additionally, consider soliciting the same from your other contributors. Each has a distinctive voice and focus (or charming lack thereof), and it would be fun and informative to read what gadgets stand out over time, or are supplanted by the Next New, etc., given your writers’ individual needs and perspectives.


    ~ P.

  16. I’m in the minority as far as video reviews go – don’t want them. I like skimming through the written review for those things that interest me. I’d bail out of a video review in about twelve seconds, if that long. (If you do include a video review with the regular written one, at least don’t set the darn thing to autoplay, please.)

    Other than that, I’d just like more reviews and being pointed towards new gadgets for sale. I love Mondays when I know there’s going to be a nice handful of new toys to look at. Later in the week, it’s disappointing when there’s only a couple a day. But then, it’s much quicker to read the reviews than write them!

  17. Please do not abandon the current eclectic product selection process. I find more interesting “kool” stuff here.

  18. I would recommend unboxing videos so you could show some hands on with the products. Also you could do a giveaway for each item in the video itself.

    Keep up the awesome work, the things you do make my day more enjoyable 🙂

  19. Just more reviews. End up not checking this site every day only because not as much new content. Really like the review style though which obviously takes longer to do.

  20. I’m asking the impossible here, but can we even have more reviews, even just snippets, or quick views? This is one of my daily sites I visit to see what’s around the corner to satisfy my gadget-lust!

  21. I love Gadgeteer and have bought several things thanks to your reviews. The only issue I have where I could see improvement is adding either a BUY link or a link to the manufacturer on ALL reviews. Often they link to an older review and I end up googling to find where to buy the item.

    Thank you for all you do!

  22. Connie Diepstraten

    I too would love to see more EDC product reviews, and more articles from Gadgeteer reviewers about their EDC must-haves!

  23. Like a well engineered product the best things are not always the most expensive. Make sure cost is a factor in a gadget’s rating. Love the Gadgeteer.

  24. I love the gadgeteer and most of the changes you have made to the pages over the last few years have been great. I particularly like the new updated reviews section, and the weekly recap.

    The one thing I would like to see is for the gadgeteer to better label those posts that are reviews vs ads. It would save me a lot of time.

    PS. Julie, it’s my birthday this weekend so … please give this submission added weight : )

  25. A searchable database of all the products you have reviewed with a summary for each could really enhance the site’s usefulness or consider adding a forum where product reviews can be discussed and readers could offer personal experience and advice to each other…

  26. I think the site’s pretty good as is. If anything, I’d prefer to see the ‘Categories’ dropdown menu rationalised so that the categories display on one screen without having to scroll down.

  27. I think it would be cool to have a weekly or monthly feature of “Gadgets Under $40,” and a place on your site where someone could easily click to see all past and present entries of that feature in one place. Maybe each submission of that feature could, ahem, feature, say, five or six little items at a time. Perhaps you could do these in video format. In any case, the vids or articles wouldn’t have to be long. Just very brief, simple, and fun!

  28. I’m a special needs teacher and I would love to see educational gadgets added. I know there’s a kid’s category but often I have to search for things that are appropriate for classroom use via other categories.

  29. It would be easier for me if the site was more mobile-friendly! I mainly use my phone to look things up and I’m constantly losing the page I was on.
    mrsbrockavich48 (at

  30. Enjoy reading about all the latest in gadgets, even when they might not be something I would use. Some great gift ideas and just plain gadget fun!!

    Thanks Julie!!

  31. Someone else also wrote on here – I would like to see more comparisons side by side with other products. It would probably double your workload, but could be fun too!

  32. Arthur McTaggart

    I’ve followed The Gadgeteer for many many years, through many changes. I would like to see some more reviews of backpacks.

  33. You have wonderful site and extremely informative. Improvement might be a notification system on focused categories. Then gain, when scanning through you never know what you might hit or miss.

  34. This site is great already. Sorry, but I can’t think of anything in particular that I’d want to see get changed.

  35. I’d love a Gadgeteer app that would give me notices when new content is up and also give me random articles, or maybe even “time machine” articles from the same day but past years.

  36. Update: The winner is comment #118 from Nick Ashton. Congrats Nick and thank you to everyone who entered and the sponsors for providing the prizes.

    I’ll review all the comments and consider implementing some of the ideas.


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