Create a paint-by-numbers masterpiece from your own photograph


We’ve all seen those paint-by-numbers kits, right?  Are the middle of the last century, the kits were hugely popular with adults.  I mostly see kits for kids these days, but there are a huge variety of detailed paint-by-number kits for adults on the internet.  You can certainly find an image to interest you should you want to paint one of these kits, but wouldn’t you rather paint a picture that meant something to you?  With the Custom Paint by Numbers Kits from Paintapic, you upload your own photograph, choose the level of detail you want and the number of colors for you kit, size of the finished image, and the materials.  Paintapic will create your kit and ship it to your.  Prices start at $54.95 plus S&H.  Go to Paintapic and get started creating your masterpiece!

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