Shelfpack is the ultimate suitcase

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Whenever my family and I go on vacation we run into the same problem; there is never enough room in the hotel dresser to store all of our clothes. There are four of us and we usually end up “fighting” over who gets enough drawers. Inevitably, clothes end up scattered in drawers, in suitcases, and hanging in closets. The makers of Shelfpack have developed a suitcase that may be perfect for my family.

At first glance, the Shelfpack appears to be a standard suitcase. It has a retractable trolley handle and two wheels on the bottom; however, the Shelfpack conceals four collapsible shelves that enable it to act as a dresser. Once you arrive at your hotel, you open the Shelfpack, raise the shelves, and attach them to the built-in supports. You don’t even have to remove your clothes, they fit on the shelves while collapsed and traveling.

The Shelfpack measure 28″ x 18.5″ x 14″ and is 42″ tall when the shelves are raised. Unfortunately, the Shelfpack’s website is still under construction and doesn’t have price information; however, if you are interested the website does list multiple ways to contact them. I tried contacting them, but it appears they are closed for the holiday.

3 thoughts on “Shelfpack is the ultimate suitcase”

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  2. At first glance I thought this was a stupid idea. How many times do you go to a hotel that does not have enough storage for one suitcase worth of clothing? But then I though of a use for me. When I have to travel to many places in a short time I usually will not unpack my suitcase. I’ll just set it on that folding suitcase thingy, and live right out of it. This would be nice to just set down, pop up, use for a day, collapse then leave to next port. This could be a nice time saver. However I wonder A. How much weight it adds, and B. how much space do you sacrifice.

    1. I had the same thought but then remembered our last vacation where we stayed in a little cabin that had 0 closets and 3 drawers. This thing would have been perfect. I wonder how sturdy it is though.

  3. I think it would be great for families like mine. I’d like to know how much you can pack in it compared to a regular suitcase, but I’m considering getting one.

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