HidrateMe – My water bottle is smarter than your water bottle

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Drinking plenty of water everyday is a pretty basic way to stay healthy and feel good.  I have known this for years, and I still can’t manage to drink the recommended amount on a daily basis.  There is hope for me.  HidrateMe begins shipping in December of this year. It’s a 24 oz. smart water bottle that, when connected to the app, will calculate the amount of water you need (after it asks some personal questions), then emits a soft glow periodically to remind you when it’s time to sip up! It will even recalculate the amount you need (when you sync it with your wearable fitness tracker) if you become more active throughout the day or squeeze in an extra workout.  With the ability to calculate what you should drink using temperature, humidity, and the elevation of your surroundings, this future extension of my arm is sure to keep me on track and feeling healthy…if I can just hold on until December! A HidrateMe bottle can be pre-ordered for $45. For more info check out the HidrateMe Kickstarter project.

4 thoughts on “HidrateMe – My water bottle is smarter than your water bottle”

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  2. The widespread notion that there is a “recommended amount” of water is not only a myth but has led to multiple cases of hyponatremia. (A young healthy adult has to be REALLY determined to do this, but I’ve read of it happening to distance runners.) Prolonged exertion in extreme heat may warrant more attention to fluid intake as may a few medical issues, but enough fluids to satisfy your thirst is appropriate for over 99% of the adult population. There are NO additional health benefits to fluid intake. For purposes of hydration fluid=water.

  3. A $45 computerized water bottle. How about just holding up the water bottle and looking to see how much water is left in the bottle? What next?

    I know – computerized zipper on your pants fly to make sure that you do not go around with your fly unzipped.


  4. I can understand how this bottle and other products like it might be very useful for people with health issues that require them to monitor their fluid intake. People with kidney issues come to mind.

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