Logitech now offering a keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7


I love the Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.5 tablet that I bought earlier this year. I even took it with me on our last vacation to use instead of my Macbook Air. It worked pretty well except when I needed to type in a lot of text. For those times, I prefer an actual keyboard. iPad users have it easy because there is a wide variety of keyboard cases on the market. Android tablet users can use a separate Bluetooth keyboard, but dedicated keyboard cases can be difficult to find. If you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 with or without the S-Pen, Logitech has you covered – literally. Their new Type – S Keyboard Case has been designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (they also offer a version of this case for the S Tab 10.5). It features a snap-in holder for the tablet, well-spaced keys and Android shortcuts. The keyboard case is packed with a rechargeable six-month battery, and the smart power management conserves tablet and keyboard battery life with an automatic on/off feature. From the images on Logitech’s site, it’s hard to tell if this keyboard case can work on a lap, but it definitely looks nice and comes in either black or purple. The keyboard case is priced at $99.99 and is available now through Logitech.

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