Is that a band in your pocket or a Pocket Operator synthesizer

teenage engineering Pocket Operator

I will be the first to admit that I am not a great musician, but that does not mean I don’t like to dabble a bit. Now to be honest, I am mainly a guitar and bass guy, although since I have purchased my iPad I find myself doing more and more in Garage Band, which is basically making music with no instruments. This method has its advantages, especially when I travel. When I stumbled across the Pocket Operator set of three pocket-size synthesizers from teenage engineering, I thought what a cool idea. The Pocket Operator comes in three varieties; the PO-12 rhythm (drum synthesizer), the PO-14 Sub (sub baseline synthesizer) and the Po-16 factory (melody synthesizer) each one designed to offer different effects. All of the Pocket Operators are built in a minimalist fashion and include a LCD display and built-in speaker. All three devices can be chained together and integrated with other third-party devices for flexible use. With an optional silicone case, the Pocket Operator is a techno geeks dream. At $59 each from teenage engineering you can have the power of a synth in your pocket.

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