Keurig announces the Keurig Kold for cold beverages

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Keurig has announced the Kold beverage maker that will be available for pre-order this summer.  The Kold will make sodas – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper – plus teas, craft sodas, and drink mixes in 8-ounce servings.  You won’t need ice, because Kold dispenses the drinks already chilled.  You’ll be able to make carbonated sodas and seltzers without having to worry about using and refilling CO2 canisters with the Kold process.  The Keurig Kold is designed to compete with Soda Stream, but at the approximately $300 price tag mentioned by InvestorPlace, Keurig may find its machine will be left out in the cold.  If you’re still interested in learning more about the Kold, you can sign up to receive updates at the Keurig Kold website.  Read more about investor reactions to the Kold at InvestorPlace.

7 thoughts on “Keurig announces the Keurig Kold for cold beverages”

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  2. I wonder how it makes fizzy drinks without CO2? I would be really interested in one of these if I can make my own soft drinks without using their kcups which probably have artificial sweeteners and other strange ingredients.

  3. I would guess they use a chemical releasing process similar to alkazeltzer. Hopefully they don’t put DRM on this too.

  4. I’m sure Andrew is right. They’ll have little K-Cups with the flavoring and some solids that release carbon dioxide when water is added for the fizz. This was probably being developed around the time of the 2.0 coffee makers, before they had their heads handed to them because of the drm backlash, so I’m sure they probably have drm on it.

  5. They had me at Diet Coke. 🙂
    The lost me at only 8 oz. 🙁

    To fill my normal big gulp size at home would probably cost way more than it’s worth. Which totally sucks because there is something great about the taste of it out of the fountain vs. from the can.

  6. The 8 oz size doesn’t bother me. They’re using the same idea as their single cups of coffee.

    Each person goes to the machine to fill up her own glass with her own choice. It’s the variety of the flavors they’re selling.

    But I wonder just how important the idea of a single serving is when it is very easy to store single servings of soda in cans.

    If the cost of the single serve Keurig-Kold isn’t lower than the cost of a can, this will not do well.

    But for offices or break rooms that don’t have refrigerators or have limited storage, this could be a good deal.

  7. Considering how much sugar there is in sodas, I suppose the K-cup can’t hold more than for 8 oz of soda.

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