Stack em long and far with the InfiniteUSB

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USB ports, there are never enough on my laptop or desk top computer to keep all my connected items connected. I am always changing a cable here, unplugging a device there and can never seem to find the right cable for the job. The InfiniteUSB, a Kickstarter project, hopes to provide you with a solution to this problem. InfiniteUSB is a stackable USB system that has a pig tail coming out of each InfiniteUSB cable with either a micro USB, Lightning or female USB connector on the end of the pig tail. By allowing you to stack/connect the USB connector to each other you can have multiple devices plugged into and connected to your laptop or PC using a single USB port. The InfiniteUSB comes in two styles, slim and a Kickstarter special edition and in several color choices. Although I am not sure how well you could charge multiple devices at one time, for syncing it would be great. This project has many pledge points with a $10 pledge pre-ordering one Infinite USB slim with either a micro USB, Lighting or female USB pig tail. The InfiniteUSB project is seeking funding until April 22, 2015 and if successfully funded is slated to ship in the June 2015 time frame.

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