It may not stop the British, but the Revolution Golf Tee could help your golf game

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Revolution Golf Tee

From a golfing stand point, last year was a total bust for me. Due to some medical issues, I wasn’t able to play many rounds. This year I am determined to not only play more, but improve my game. There are a lot of gimmicks and gadgets out there to help improve your game, but the Revolution Golf Tee, a Kickstarter project from Christopher T. Jackson, recently caught my eye as a device that could help my game. Unlike standard wooden golf tees, theRevolution Golf Tee is a two piece plastic and metal tee with a magnet to hold the two pieces together. In theory this gives you a more consistent tee height and based on testing they have had done, can increase your drive distance by up to 7.5 yards. There are several pledge levels for the Revolution Golf Tee, with a $8 pledge getting you a standard package of 2 standard length tees, two professional length tees and two plain ball marker bases. This project is seeking funding until February 10, 2015 and if successful will ship in the April 2015 time frame. All of that and the fact that the Revolution Golf Tee should never break, may make this one a worthwhile investment.

4 thoughts on “It may not stop the British, but the Revolution Golf Tee could help your golf game”

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  2. If you hit it too low, the top piece will go flying. Then you will have to track it down. Do people track down the conventional plastic, wooden tees when they go flying off?

  3. The length of the tee is too short based on what I see. With today’s equipment, the golfers tee it high to help increase trajectory and distance.

  4. @John Kes most of the folks I play with do actually track down their tees…
    @ Dennis I can see your point, but I would have to see the two included lengths to really make a judgement.

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