Now THIS is a USB charging stand!


We’ve featured USB charging stands on The Gadgeteer before, but those had a paltry max of 6 devices charged at once.  The 96W 10-Port Giant Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger Cradle from Allputer can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously from a single wall outlet!  The charging cradle accepts 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC power (max 2A) and outputs 2.1A power to 8 charging ports and 1A to the remaining 2 ports.  There are 10 slots with 0.35″ of room to hold your gadgets. You can charge virtually any USB-chargeable device with this charger.  The 96W 10-Port Giant Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger Cradle is $119.95 from Allputer.

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9 thoughts on “Now THIS is a USB charging stand!”

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  2. Question: I don’t quite understand the amperage settings for charging all the various devices. I know an iPad requires higher amps. But a wireless headset doesn’t If I plug the wireless headset into one of the higher amp ports, will the device “step down” the amps? I believe the chargers I currently have do.

    And just to prove I need this, here’s a list of what I currently charge (although not every day/night.)

    1. iPhone
    2. iPad
    3. Kindle Fire
    4. Kindle Gray
    5. iPod
    6. Wireless headset
    7. Bluetooth speaker
    8. FitBit Flex
    9. Portable power supply (#1)
    10. Portable power supply (#2)

    I’m sure there are several others I’ve forgotten

    1. 1 ampere = [n electrons] per second (

      @Andrew B. is correct that the more powerful ports here can put out 2 amps (2n electrons per second), but your little devices will only use up a fraction of that amount, leaving the extra electrons for the other ports to use.

        1. We went on vacation last Dec. and brought only a 4x 0.5A charger for 4 iPhones. Talk about electron hogs! The charger overloaded and started blinking the 4 ports. Would only charge two iPhones at a time, despite the 4 ports. Luckily Amazon ships to hotels, so I bought a 2x 2.1A charger to supplement.

  3. the 2.0 amps is the MAX it can handle, you can plug in devices that draw less into the 2.0 ports. But what I don’t understand is why have 2 1amp ports?

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