Fool potential intruders into thinking you’re home watching TV, even when you aren’t


A couple of years ago, I reviewed the FakeTV FTV-11 Extra Bright Burglar Deterrent.  It was a small device filled with LEDs that mimicked the flicker, glow, fading, and swelling of a TV screen as seen through a curtained window.  I used it and liked it, but I found that its own timer system didn’t work well at all.  I ended up using it with a WeMo Switch, which did work well.  Now Hammacher Schlemmer is offering a newer fake TV device, which they call the Intruder Discouraging Television Mimic.  It measures 4.25″ L x 3.25″ W x 2.75″ D, and it too has a built in timer.  It can be operated manually, or it will come on at dusk and stay on for 2, 4, or 6 hours of “TV watching”.  This model can sit on a table or shelf near a window, or you can even mount it to the wall using it’s “hanging hole” or mounting tape.  The Intruder Discouraging Television Mimic is available on pre-order for $49.95; Hammacher Schlemmer expects shipping on 1/27/15.

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