Cooking will become more accurate with a set of Levoon measuring spoons

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If you like to cook, you know that measuring ingredients is one of the important parts of guaranteeing good results. No one wants to eat something that is too salty, too sweet or too bleh. That’s why good cooks use measuring spoons. The only downside to using measuring spoons is that you need a knife or other flat edge to level off the scoop. Levoons from Dreamfarm have the leveler built in. Just scoop and squeeze to make sure you have an accurate amount of an ingredient. Levoons come in 8 colors for the plastic version and are also available in a stainless steel version. Each spoon shows teaspoons, tablespoons, & milliliter measurements for easy reference and the set snaps together for storage. A set of Levoons is $14.95. For more info visit Dreamfarm.

2 thoughts on “Cooking will become more accurate with a set of Levoon measuring spoons”

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  2. Hilarious!

    I am a pretty competent chef. I don’t bake, other than pizza. Other than baking where you want to be precise with certain ingredients, for the most part I don’t measure. The key to being a good cook is that you know how to estimate the amount of seasoning, and you take the time to do the final adjustment after a taste test. Cooking from a recipes with precise measurements is like riding a bike with training wheels: you won’t crash, but you can’t go far. Take tomatoes for example, some are sweeter than others, so you may need to adjust the amount of sugar in your dish.

    And for the time you need a measuring thingy, a set of normal measuring spoons is all you need. Keep it simple.

    This is the stuff that give gadgets a bad name.

  3. Perhaps not all chefs like to measure, but when you are measuring for things other than cooking and need to be exact these look like they will be perfect and I am going to give them a try. My horse will be happy that her supplements are measured as they should be. Also, I’m a really crappy Chef, so I’ll be using them in my kitchen too!!

    I like the look of this gadget!!

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