What’s better than a Roku box with your TV? A Roku box AS your TV, of course!


You’ve seen smart TVs before, but you’ve never seen a smart Roku TV until now.  Roku has partnered with Hisense and TCL to simplify the smart TV so you can “instantly enjoy endless entertainment”.  You can customize the Roku TV home screen with your favorite cable/satellite TV box, streaming channels, gaming console, and other devices so you don’t have to push a dozen buttons on your remote to select your desired programming.  The Roku TV is available in various sizes, from 32-55″, and up to 120Hz and 1080p full HD.  It comes with a 20-button remote, or you can use the free remote app on your Apple or Android device.  The TVs come with HDMI, coax, and USB inputs to connect your cable box, DVD/Blu-ray players, or game consoles, and you’ll be able to send video, music, photos, and more from top mobile devices straight to your TV.  You can access Roku’s Channel Store to select from more than 1500 streaming channels for even greater access to programming.  The Hisense Roku TVs are available at Best Buy; the TCL models are available from Amazon, Costco, and Sam’s Club.  Learn more about the Roku TV at the Roku website.

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